Black Angel
Shang Tsung
Episode of Mortal Kombat - Season 1
Number in Season Episode 6
Previous Flaming Rage
Next Succeeded Betray

 "Black Angel" is the sixth episode of all Mortal Kombat series.


Part 1Edit

At last there are a few days to the tournament. Shang Tsung is now ready for fighting each opponent. With the help of his father Shang Hui and his master Bo Rai Cho, he has become a great warrior. But this tournament has become more personal for Shang Tsung. He wants to have Shang Yun's from the "Snake". Nobody can stop his flaming rage. He relaxes while he is training and fighting.

After the training Shang Tsung goes for a walk. Then he sees a girl escaping. Shang Tsung stops her and asks that what is happenning. The girl doesn't stop and run away. At this time some black weared men follow her. Shang Tsung hides and then follows them. He sees that they catch the girl and beat her. The girl begs for mercy, but the unknown men decide to kill her. Then Shang Tsung appears and challenge them.

Part 2Edit

The men laugh and attack Shang Tsung, but they are defeated. Shang Tsung beat them all and they begin to escape. Then he approaches the girl. She reveals her name - Sareena. Then she tells everything to him, that the men and Sareena herself are the members of an organization called - The Black Dragon. They are the killers and mercenaries, but they behave as the good warriors to the newcomers. When Sareena learned that they are evil, she attemped to escape.

Shang Tsung takes her to his house and tells everything about the tournament. So Sareena also wants to join him in the battles, but Shang Tsung refuses, telling that she can't fight well. Then Sareena wants him to teach her. Shang Tsung agrees and tries to teach her Jun Fan. Shang Tsung realizes that she can learn very fast. But it isn't enough to survive in the tournament. But Sareena doesn't give up. Suddenly the Black Dragon mercenaries attack the house and try to kill both them.

Part 3Edit

Shang Tsung and Sareena begin to fight them. The mercenaries especially attack Sareena. But Shang Tsung denies them. Then the mercenaries attack from behind and take Sareena outside. Shang Tsung can't help her. Sareena begins to use Jun Fan. She can fight very well, because Sareena realizes that she can learn when she fights. Soon they defeat the mercenaries. Sareena orders one of them to tell their boss to leave her alone.